Own the World

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That's is going to be the motto for Xhelos V2.

Yup lets make a game that's is going to make all the people loss their lives playing this game, because it fill them up with happiness. Yeah let's own'em and make this game the best game in earth, at least until somebody copy us.... but maybe, for a split of second,  this game is going to be the most playable thing around here on planet Earth, my megalomaniacal friend.

We change our language from Spanish to English, why not change the game concept in general, iterate the game until we tap the subconscious thingy that make people play games and wake up to look for the perfect moment to attack. We have some games like Ikariam and Ogame that teaches us the way, but they didn't went all-retard (thank you Tropic Thunder movie) to the goal, they just vanished with they long play defects. We have learned from them, and we will not commit the same game design errors that plague those games. We wil start from fresh with a a new and Orphiastic design. This is our goal and this will be done.

Until then, expect more news.

Have the greatest day of your live.

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